ISSA Fellow Program

The ISSA Fellow Program recognizes sustained membership and contributions to the profession. No more than 1% of members may hold Distinguished Fellow status at any given time. Fellow status will be limited to a maximum of 2% of the membership. Any member can achieve Senior Member status, the first step in the Fellow Program.


Senior Member

  • 5 years of ISSA membership
  • 10 years relevant professional experience


  • 8 years of association membership
  • 2 person-years of relevant professional experience
  • 3 years of volunteer leadership in the association
  • 5 years of significant performance in the profession such as substantial job responsibilities in leading a team or project, performing research with some measure of success or faculty developing and teaching courses

Distinguished Fellow

  • 12 years association membership
  • 16 person-years of relevant professional experience
  • 5 years of sustained volunteer leadership in the associatio
  • 10 years of documented exceptional service to the security community and a significant contribution to security posture or capability

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