Get Involved

5 Reasons to Get Involved in the Phoenix ISSA Chapter

You make it better.

The Phoenix ISSA Chapter is a community of individuals committed to improving the quality of CyberSecurity resources in the valley. You bring a unique set of experiences and learnings that help everyone.

Learn new things.

Attending chapter meetings and sponsored events builds your experience. These are opportunities to learn from others and to grow your knowledge base without doing it ‘the hard way’.

Earn CPEs.

You worked hard to obtain that certification. Getting involved earns the necessary CPEs so you don’t lose it.

Develop stronger personal skills.

You need more than CyberSecurity knowledge to succeed in the workplace. This might be your chance to take on a leadership role or pick up other ‘soft-skills’ that will enhance your resume.

Meet new people.

When you get involved in the chapter, you have the chance to meet people from many companies and organizations in the valley. You never know what opportunities will open up to you when you expand your network.

Upcoming Opportunities


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